How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat
How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

This is a common and frequently asked question. Cleaning mats are essential. By doing daily activities like exercise, Zumba, and yoga, some particles would become germs. So that’s why mats should be clean regularly. But how to clean the lululemon yoga mat is a minor issue now. There are a lot of internet tips and tricks you have seen bout it. But most of them are not working. It would be more enjoyable when we talk about cleaning the lululemon yoga mat. lululemon yoga mats are not average cleaning tips. Here are some of the unique details given. 

 Lululemon Yoga Mat

lululemon yoga mats are made of thick double-layer stuff. It has a firm grip. These yoga mats are sportive and comfortable. They were primarily used for yoga activities. Its material is soft and nonslippery. lululemon yoga mats are easy to carry. It’s a slight weight. People take it home, gym, training centers,s, and parks. Some schools are also using it for awareness among the kids. as a health activity, yoga mats are used as a tool. 


It got a high-rated number. Most professions are using it. it is demand able for its specifications 

  • weight
  • sickness
  • thickness
  • durability 
  • smooth 
  • pleasant feeling
  • polyurethane side
  • sixty percent used rubber
  • spongy 
  • natural grippy 
  • textured surface 
  • three inches longer and two inches wider
  • characters are visible for dust and dirt

 Cleaning Lululemon Yoga Mat

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How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

Yoga mats should be clean. If it is not regularly clean, the dust and dirt can make the surface uncomfortable. That may result in itching and allergy. So, you have to wash it and make sure everything must clear from it.

Few steps are suggested for cleaning yoga mats.

What You Have At Home

Just look around for the things necessary for cleaning you have in the home. If not, then hurry and buy them. Cleaner tools must be at home for emergencies and cleaning purposes. some of them are, 

  1. thins you need
  2. essential oil 
  3. white vinegar
  4. freshwater
  5. a spray bottle
  6. clean cloth
  7. a sponge
  8. a towel to dry it

Grabe a spray bottle; if you are a beginner, you can make this solution in a separate bowl and then pour it into the bottle. Fill the bottle or bowl in half, add one spoon of vinegar and almost 15 drops f essential oil. Mix the solution and let set it. The benefit of vinegar is that it dissolves the germs and helps to brighten the place.

Other Ingredients

The combination of soda and lemon juice is traditional and practical. These ingredients fight the unpleasant smell and dark spots. same things are needed for this method

  1. a juicy lemon
  2. soda or baking soda
  3. spray bottle
  4. bowl
  5. of warm water

Mix them in the bowl. Take half the warm water, one teaspoon of baking soda, and lemon juice. Mix all things. Baking soda should be less in quantity because it has more toxins than lemon. Soda resists stains and stubborn spots. 

While the lemon has a pleasant odor and antibacterial ability to vanish the germs. 

Pour all the mixture on the mat, and wait for a minute. After setting it, rub with a cloth or a soft sponge when you are sure that all the area is covered. Then wash the mat with luck warm water. Clean it until all the solution clears away. 

Cleaning With Soap

Mild soaps are already in the homes. This method is straightforward. things that you needed for the cleaning process,

  1. a dish or washing mild soap
  2. warm water
  3. sponge 
  4. clean cloth
  5. washing bottle

Take an accurate size bottle to add warm water and mild soap. You can use the last empty dish soap and mix water. Shake the bottle your cleaning from is ready now. 

Process of washing Lululemon Yoga Mat

Start cleaning the mat by sprinkling a mixture of soap all over the carpet. Make sure every part of the yoga must be coated with soap foam. 

lululemon yoga mat has double side layered, so wash both sides. For this, turn the other side when the first one is done.

Rub with a sponge or cloth. Clean every part of the yoga mat. The best tip is that place the amt on the bath floor. If you are using the yard floor, then it would be great. Cleaning the plane surface is easy and workable. 

If you are cleaning it by soaking it in the tub, then it may be challenging to wash. 

Now wash or wipe the yoga mat. Clear all the soap from it. If you used the essential oil method, wash it with warm water. 

Dry Lululemon Yoga Mat

How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat (2)
How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

After washing it, let it dry. But its dry process is not simple.

Ley it on the thick object. You can use a clothing stand or a chair. If you have a long table, then it will be all set. 

Another important thing is not to put on a yoga mat to try in the sunlight. The results would be getting worst. 

lululemon yoga mats have sixty percent rubber material. It would damage by putting directly under the sunlight and avoid the heater or heating process for drying it. All these objects are harmful to the lululemon yoga mat.  

After the dry process, let it set and roll the yoga mat. 

Reopen it and use the new look yoga mat. 


There are some tips for cleaning and drying the lululemon yoga mat.

  • do not roll the wet yoga mat, and it will be clingy and wiggly
  • avoid detergent to wash it
  • do not take mate near the heat
  • use it on the clean surface 


How to clean lululemon yoga mat is now a solved question. You can get all the crucial tips from it. With this in mind, calming the yoga mat is a serious matter. It’s every week. It is good to dong yoga n refresh and clean amt. It would give more pleasant vibes. Yoga, the mate, is our daily routine thing. Os is great if you are washing it after four days. 



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