How To Clean Suede Boots

How To Clean Suede Boots inman
How To Clean Suede Boots

Many people like suede boots like me but after a few months we start looking bad and dirty due to which we get worried, but it is not a big problem there are many ways t clean it many people love suede shoes so much they use them to show off another classic, and they are considered to be a bit sexy. In this post, we wi;l tell you the most accessible shoes and give them a new lease of life. This will allow us to reuse them. We know some great ways to give your favorite suede boots a new lease of life and improve their condition.

What will be needed to clean suede shoes

We will need a few things to clean our shoes:

  • Suede Brush
  • Suede Eraser
  • Vinegar or Suede Cleaner

Stains on our suede shoes can be easily removed with a suede brush. Use a brush to clean the dirty spots on your shoes by rubbing them well. Because suede brushes help, you will be giving your favorite suede shoes a new lease of life.

Start cleaning

So let’s start with the best way to clean your suede shoes. So first of all, you will hold both shoes and knock the soles together so that dirt or mud will come out easily if any mud is stuck in them.

Step 1: Use your suede brush 

So, first of all, which suede brush do you take? We already told you that we would need it it is specially used to remove the stain on our shoes. When you’re brushing on the suede shoe, rub in the same direction. By the way, if you are brushing in all directions, it won’t hurt, but we want to clean our shoes well, so we have to start from one side so that any stains on our shoes stay somewhere and are good to get clean.

We found a perfect brush if you don’t have a good one. Click here to buy itSof Sole Suede and Nubuck Cleaning Brush Kit for Shoes 

well, sometimes there are some stains that come off just by brushing, and we don’t need to try any other methods, but sometimes it happens that the stain on our shoes are very deep in stain or have some time on them and if they do brushing alone will not be enough for them. Likewise, if the stain is now gone from your shoes, you don’t need to proceed, but if the stains still remain despite a good brushing, proceed.

Step 2: Rub your boots with your suede eraser

Rub your boots with your suede eraser in this very easy and popular way; it is more powerful than a brush. You will need to apply a little more pressure when scrubbing to get rid of the dirty and stubborn stains.

Don’t worry. It won’t harm your suede shoes, but you will notice that the suede will look dull, flat, and grey. Hold on after completing this one-time brushing and rubbing process. It will look new again. I will come in and feel fresh and good as new.

Maybe the stains are now clean from your shoes, but if they still have, let’s try the last resort.

Step 3: Apply the cleaning solution to the stain and wait

If you still have stains on your suede boots and don’t want to try another method, you can buy a suede cleaner or use distilled wight vinegar to clean the stains.

The way to use vinegar is to put a few drops of your vinegar on your scar and lean it on for about six to seven hours. Now that we have soaked it for 6 to 7 hours now, start cleaning it with a brush. Surely no more stains will be left on your suede boots. And it will look as good as the first day.

Just remember not to submerge the head in the water as excess fluid and consumption may damage your suede boots.

Step 4:Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector, 7 Ounces,

If you want to create a trend to spray on your suede shoes or you want your boots to look the same for longer outside of fresh boots, you can use weatherproofing spray.

Our favorite Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector. Kane to himself up to ten inches away from your side shoes and give them a spry in the coat. Allows drying for about one hour. Then, you will have an extra layer of protection against salt and water stain. If you want to know more about this product, click on it and go ahead.

Final Thought

Now you must be convinced that cleaning suede boots is really not that difficult however most stains can be easily removed with a simple brush, and if that doesn’t work, then you rub the stubborn stains if there are greasy food, water, salt stains, you can make your own vinegar cleaning solution or use a pro-made spray on the cleaner.


What can I use to clean suede boots?

A brush is usually used to clean suede boots. If the stain is not removed with the brush, you should use a vinegar-based solution.

Can you only clean suede boots with water?

Not we will not advise you to clean the suede with water only. It is not possible. Suede choose come to clean you have vinegar, or we suggest cleaning brush and cleaners suede shoes.

Are there any suede boots cleaners on the market?

Yes, many cleaners in the market specialize in cleaning your dirty suede shoes properly.

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