How To Clean Vinyl Floors With Vinegar

How To Clean Vinyl Floors With Vinegar in home
How To Clean Vinyl Floors With Vinegar

Like everyone else, you will clean your vinyl floor every two days by sweeping and vacuuming the trash. And once a week, they clean their dirty floor using a damp mop or a Swiffer-like cleaning tool. Well, these cleaning procedures are great and beneficial. They remove dirt from your floor but are ineffective in cleaning it from germs. Because you know there are many different types of germs and sometimes bad smell on our floors. That’s why we have to use special and harsh products. Some of you also use ammonia to get rid of germs and odors, but it’s not the last solution to get rid of germs and odors. There are different ways. In this post, we will tell you how to clean your floors, specifically with vinegar which is an effective different way to get rid of germs and odors. You can clean your floors safely and effectively to get the best results by learning the best way.

Why Clean Vinyl Floors With Vinegar?

If you don’t know, we tell you that vinegar is mainly acetic acid and has a low pH rating. You know that vinegar is very acidic, effectively killing bacteria or other microorganisms easily. Highly acidic white vinegar is a very effective remedy to get rid of germs, but you are requested to use only apple cider vinegar. It will give you effective results in removing germs from your vinyl floors.

How To Clean The Vinyl Floor With Vinegar?

When you start cleaning, it’s important to first learn how to clean a vinyl floor with vinegar properly. By keeping a few steps in mind, you can save your vinyl floors from a lot of unnecessary damage while disinfecting and deodorizing your floors. The acidity in vinegar can damage some of the soft surfaces in your home. Before using, make sure that the floor is made of vinyl material. And then clean the floors and take advantage of the properties of vinegar. All you have to do is follow a few different simple and easy steps.

Vacuum Or Sweep The Floor Before Using The Vinegar

The vinyl floor is very thin and soft, so using abrasive products and solidified dirt particles can damage your vinyl floor. Whenever you start mopping, vacuum the vinyl floor first. If you can’t vacuum available, then use a broom. By doing this, you will be able to clean your floors even better, but we are not saying that the mopping will not remove all the dirt from your floor. Before making mopping remove all potted plants, chairs, tables, and other items if possible this will make it easier for you to mop.

Create A Vinegar To Clean Up

Vinegar is proven to be an effective treatment for killing germs. Take a small normal size gallon and add one cup of vinegar to it and add as much warm water as you need to this gallon if you want to remove the smell from your floor and bring fragrance, then mix four to five drops of any essential oil of your choice. We used white vinegar. It is too acidic. You can use other vinegar. After mixing all these ingredients, you have a solution to clean your floor. Now you start cleaning on your own.

When you start cleaning, take two buckets, one of which is vinegar solution, and the second fill the buckets with clean water. Then take the mop, dip it in the vinegar solution, and start cleaning your floor. When the mop gets dirty while cleaning today, clean water is in the bucket to wash away the mop. Slowly the bucket’s water will become dirty change it when it becomes too dirty.

Final Thought

With vinegar, you managed to clean your vinyl floor. Now that you have cleaned your dirty floor and removed the germs and odors, you will be able to provide a nice home environment for your family, children, and pets.



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