How To Clean Your Cell Phone

How To Clean Your Cell Phone in home
How To Clean Your Cell Phone

As the needs for our mobile phones are increasing, we must also consider the need for good maintenance because our phones can stay with us for a long time as long as we use them .well be taken care of cell phone. We should take good care of cleaning our cell phone so that it does not get dirty and anything, especially Water, can enter the mobile phone with us and damage its internal parts so take good care of it; we must clean it two or three times a week. If you are using your mobile continuously, you can clean it daily. Before cleaning the mobile phone, remove its Case or cover and start cleaning it. We should also take good care of cleaning the headphones or hands-free as we also use them with our mobiles. If you are using your mobile continuously, you can clean it daily. Before cleaning the mobile phone, remove its Case and start cleaning it. We should also take good care of cleaning the headphones as we also use them with our mobiles. So many germs on our hands get on our phone, and sometimes our phone gets dirty due to dirt which needs to be cleaned, so we use some products in our house to clean our mobile phone Can clean.

What Items Should Not Be Used To Clean A Cell Phone?

We will tell you about some products that you should never use to clean your phone as they will damage your mobile phone.

Household or window cleaning cleaner



Aerosol spray cleaners

Harsh Solvents

Please avoid using any of the above items while cleaning, and it is also very important to protect your phone from excessive moisture, as these can damage the internal electronics. Whether you have a cell phone or a smartphone, take special care with electronics. Please don’t use anything touching it; it will scratch your screen.

How to Clean Your Cell Phone

First of all, when you start cleaning a cell phone, you Unplug everything attached to the cell phone. If your mobile is charged and you are thinking of cleaning it disconnect it from charging and then switch off your mobile phone.

Remove Cases or Covers

When we turn off our mobile, after that remove the protective Case or cover from our mobile, we will tell you how to clean the Case or cover separately, but before that, we clean our mobile.

Distilled Water and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

To clean your cell phone, take a small spray bottle and add it to the distilled Water in the bottle at a one-to-one ratio and mix well by adding 70% isopropyl alcohol. After mixing the bottle well, this cell phone purifier will make a good cleaner. But keep in mind that use this distilled Water to make this cleaner; please don’t use hard Water for you, it will scratch your phone.

Now spray the mixture you have prepared a little on a microfiber cloth, but you should not over spray the fabric, i.e. the cloth should not be too wet, or spray it directly on your mobile phone screen. Use by spraying a small amount on a microfiber cloth. Now take the sprayed microfiber cloth and start cleaning your mobile screen. It gently wipes it with not too much pressure. When the screen is cleaned well, start cleaning the mobile’s back side.

Of course, while cleaning, you will clean the stains from the mobile phone well. Now don’t forget the small parts of your mobile phone, such as the camera lens, and the attachment ports or buttons show signs of gunk build-up around it clean up.

If you have a button on your headphone, first clean the button area with a cotton swab on the bottom of a broom, or you can also use a toothpick to clean the button area once your buttons are clean. Then wipe it with a cloth on the micro spray.

Of course, now your phone is thoroughly cleaned from front to back, top to bottom, and all around, leaving no smudges or fingerprints on the screen. If it is done, let it dry for fifteen minutes. Because immediately after cleaning your mobile, don’t insert it into the Case or cover; wait for it to be dry; when it is thoroughly dry, only then insert it into your Koreacace or cover.

How to Clean Your Cell Phone Case

If you have cleaned your mobile phone well but not its Case, cleaning your phone won’t do you any good because unless you clean your Case, your cleaning will not be complete by the way as it can be of many types, whether silicone plastic or leather. In fact, these cases are very effective in keeping our mobiles safe. Today, in this post, we will tell you how to clean the phone’s plastic and leather case and how to clean the silicone case.

How to clean your Silicone Case

If you have a silicone case, separate your mobile from it, add some warm water to a bowl, and add dishwashing soap to make a mixture, then dip the Case in this mixture. Let it soak in this mixture for a while to get rid of all the mail etc. Then, rub the textured areas well with a soft microfiber cloth. And let it dry for twenty minutes, after which you put your mobile back into the Case.

How to clean your Hard Plastic Cases

If you have a plastic case, separate the phone from the distilled Water with an alcohol solution and begin the cleaning process with a clean, lint-free cloth. A soft cotan dipped in the solution to clean the outside of the case rub it will when it is clean set, it Case to dry when it is dry inside your cell phone back into it.

How to clean your Leather Cases

Before cleaning the leather case, remove the Case from the mobile and clean it with saddle soap which is especially used to clean leather cases. Conditioners are also used to treat leather cases. Once your Case is clean, let it dry for fifteen minutes.

Final Thought

In this post, we have told you how to clean your cell phone and your phone case so that you can now clean your mobile phone and Case at home. There will be no difficulty in cleaning.


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