How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House in womn
How to Clean Your House

Everyone wants to keep their house clean but cleaning is not a favorite practice for everyone. However, still, we have to keep our house clean because we want to protect ourselves from many germs and bacteria we must clean our house. of course, it is not our favorite pastime, but still we need to keep our health and well-being in mind by cleaning our house. A clean home is free from many allergens, germs, and pollutants. So do we really know how to clean our house well, or do we know the right way to clean it? So we have taken the help of many experts to come up with some ways to clean house as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whenever you think of cleaning your house, collect the thing lying around in your home. Because cleaning is not a big problem, we get distracted by these things when we have things spread everywhere in our house; then we feel that cleaning is challenging. While this is not the case, cleaning is not that difficult so let’s put everything in its proper place and start our cleaning process.

How to Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is a part of our house which plays an important role from taking care of our health to growing in us because In the kitchen we prepare food etc. to stay healthy. Therefore it is important to take good care of the kitchen.

Keep Dishes Clean: First, we should take care of our eating utensils because, unless they are clean, how can we eat in them? Many people shy away from cleaning these dishes, but we should not forget that as long s our dishes are properly cleaned, then we will be able to see the cleanliness of our house. Some people clean their house, but you accumulate a lot of dishes in the sink, which can spread many diseases and many there is only one way for this whenever you use your utensils, wash them after a while and don’t let them sit in the sink. This is very this way, you will not be burdened with more dishes, and you will do the cleaning of your kitchen almost half easily washing your dishes.

Sometimes while cooking, our pot gets burnt, which is very difficult to clean, so you don’t need to worry. A straightforward way to do this is to use baking soda and warm water, and easy to clean the burnt pot. Cover the burned area with liberal amounts of baking soda and pour in boiling water to fill the pot halfway up. When the water is cool, head in with your sponge and uses the baking soda solution to scrub away the scorch. Dump the solution and wash the pots with hot, soapy water. You can also use a good dishwasher cleaner to wash your dishes.

Clean Your Sink: After cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, it comes to cleaning the dirty sink. Yes, this is where you keep your fake and dirty dishes. If the sink is not cleaned, we can live in it with food particles and many bacteria, so we should clean our sink well so that we don’t get any you can use any cleaner to clean your sink. So that the bacteria on it die and your sink will be clean.

How to clean small appliances: after cleaning the pots and sink, clean your small application such as the counter stove and surfaces that have a lot of dirt on them, especially the little ones you have who help in the kitchen .clean grease on appliances such as the coffee maker, toaster, sandwich maker and you can use your cleaner to clean them all.

How to Clean the Bathroom

Many people don’t like to clean their bathroom daily because of which it can get dirty, and some people clean their bathroom twice or thrice a week, but well that’s up to you .so instead of increasing our work, we should do it at the time of work. There are many special products designed for cleaning sinks and toilets which work better, but the condition is that you know the details of the product before using it so that you don’t do any harm because most of the products can prove to be harmful to us.

There is no need to scrub too much when cleaning floors and tiles. It can be a tedious process, so if you have mold on your floor, you should use an antifungal cleaner or use such a product and leave it on for a while to scrub your floor with a brush. This will save you from having to scrub your floor too hard.

Wet a dryer sheet and scrub the glass in a circular motion. By doing this, you will get rid of the stains and soap stains on the bathroom glass doors. Doing this will flam milky white residue on the glass door that you clean with water and then wipe your glass thoroughly with a dry cloth, and your glass door will be neat and clean.

In the bathroom, our hair often falls on the floor, which is a bit difficult to pick up, so we can use vacuuming, sweeping, or dry mopping that can easily remove this hair.

How to Clean Your Bedroom

Before cleaning your bedroom, remove everything from your bedroom, which is often our morning tea sup or any plate we don’t have in our room. After that, fold up the clothes scattered in your room and pick up the wet towel on the bed and sofa to keep for teaching. You are cleaning your bedsheets well and using a vacuum cleaner in your room to clean the carpets in your room. Use a broom in your room or if you have a good carpet, clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the furniture in your bedroom well because there is often q lot of dust on the furniture. If you have any dirt or stains on your furniture, wet a cloth and rub it to remove the dirt.

Living Room

The living room is a place where all the people sit together, so it is the most sacred place in our house. If you have children in the house, they will throw many things or toys around, so first, pick up those toys and start after putting everything in its place. If the living room of your house if the living room is not carpeted, clean it with a broom and if there is a carpet, then the easiest way for you to clean it is with a vacuum cleaner that will quickly remove even the smallest particles from your carpet. After cleaning, wipe your furniture and sofa or table in the living room with a cloth so that no dirt remains.

So, your house is clean, and if you keep cleaning your home every day, you will need to clean it twice or thrice a week thoroughly. You will find many cleaners in the market for deep cleaning your home.


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