How To Remove Paint From Tile

How To Remove Paint From Tile
How To Remove Paint From Tile

How to remove paint from tile is a frequently asked question. Everyone wants a clean, neat, and bright floor surface. Either it has in the office, school, market, or at home. The great-looking floor is a priority. When you are thinking about whitewashing or changing the paint type, paint stains first come to mind. After the work removing them is a difficult task. 

Sometimes it is tough to scratch the paint drops from the floor. You end up messing with your clothes and bruising your elbows.

Some suggestions would be discussed here to get rid of paint drops from tiles.

How To Remove Paint From Tiles

And removing stains is a hard job. When we talk about tiles, it is difficult to wipe them easily. Some tiles can be broken or scratched by using hand cleaning methods.

So here are a few steps regarding paint cleaning from tiles.

Scrape The Paint

The first thing you have to do is scrape the paint if it is wet so it will be easy to remove because damp paint can be easy to wipe up. At the same time, dried paint is challenging to scrap it. So be attentive and try to scrape with a sponge or piece of stiff cloth.

Don’t forget to wear dust-save gloves. Either your hand will be dried and itchy afterward. Try to scrape from one side and observe the result.

Another way is. Sprinkle warm water on the paint drops and start thoroughly wiping its strength. But if you feel any crack among the tiles, then leave the scratching process.

Heat Gun

A heat Gun is another method to remove the paint stains on tiles. Wear your dust mask on your face. There are minor paint particles that are harmful to breathing. 

Start work from a small area to the removing process. Sprinkle the heat on all tiles to heat them. Soon you will see the paint is soft and tacky. Now stop scrolling the heat gun and remove the paint drops. 

Start work in tricky areas by holding a plastic scraper. Remove the paint from the tiles. It is good if you remove it with water-dampened. The heated corner will automatically raise upward. 

Use a Solution

There are various paint removers available on the market. Buy any of them and use them on the pint drops. Before buying the pant removers, tell your shopper the condition of the pint stains. It will be easy to get the perfect solution. 

The Household Cleaner 

The homemade cleaner is also helpful. Try to make them at home. White vinegar with water is the best solution. Use half a cup o water with half a cup of vinegar and remove the printed paint tiles. Wear gloves before rubbing the paint drops. 

Plastic Scraper

 Hold the plastic scraper and try to rub it on the tiles. You have to check on one tile before starting the process. Wipe out after cleaning the tiles if there is any glaze or scratch on the tile. Then leave the circle because the tile can be damaged or broken. Do not waste your hard work. Just leave them there and rest them for a day. 

Other Methods To Remove Paint From Tile

paint striper 

Removing spilled paint from tiles is hard. sometimes, people do not notice and leave them for months, which is hard to remove. In this method, you have to use a paint stripper. It is practical to wipe the paint from tiles. Many times it depends upon the paint type. If the color is wet or soft, it can be cleaned with a dry sponge. But if it is hard or the stains are old, use DIY paint stripers. The smooth paint can be cleaned with warm and soapy water. 

You can be made a solution for the paint striper. things you need are 

  • dish soap
  • warm water
  • white vinegar
  • baking soda 

For making the solution grab a clean bowl. If it is significant in size, then all is set. Mix the given ingredient. Do not forget that the water must be warm. Sprinkle the baking soda separately on the paint drops. Spread the water solution and start rubbing it with a sponge. Clean it with water after sanding.

Remove the dry paint. 

People also get accessible by removing dry paint with a plastic striper. Dried paint is tricky, so that it can scratch with the scraper.

Look to the grouts

Only wiping out the paint from tiles is not enough. have a look at grout. If grouts are not correctly sealed, it is impossible to clean the paint drops because the paint might go down the tiles and can damage the entire floor. So sealed grout thoroughly. 

To Clean It

Use strips of base paint remover to clean the grout. Clean it with a brush, and the old toothbrush is a great idea. Try to scrub the grout line to take out the stuck paint. It cannot be cleaned with one try. Wash the line again and again until you see the clear lines.

Try alcohol-based product

If grout paint drops are hard. Then try to use products which have fasten and toxic material. Alcohol-based products are quick in removing the stains from basics. Be careful to use the product. 

Tile prints and color may damage with the direct use of paint remover. Take a sponge or wiper and dip one side of it—gently rub it on the floor or tiles to clean the surface. 

commercial paints

To clean the grouts or tiles, commercial paint is also good. These removers are made explicitly for paint removals. Spread the little amount on the paint drops and wipe them after a given time. Clean the floor with fresh water for better results. 


For stubborn paints, take a battery powder and a brush. Sprinkle the powder on the floor and rub it with a brush. Suppose you have more stains on the tiles. Use both the solution and brush method for quick cleaning. 


In short, how to remove paint from tile is not an issue now. All the necessary instruction is given above. Take the according to your pain type solution. Just take care of yourself while cleaning the floor. Mouth and hand masks are essential for cleaning. Use these methods and get your bright and clean tiles. 



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